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Club Energy



127 Pugh Street (next to Sheetz)(aka What-A-Blast Lasertag)

Code Capacity: 315 stated, roll-thru potential 500-600


Pre-paid $1500 cash 

- “Roll-in/Hook-up/Roll-out”

- $300 of that to reserve date, balance due 24hrs before event

- Space accessible by 9:15pm by Pugh Street

- Walls removed by 10pm & replaced afterward

- DJ stage set-up for simple quick XLR or RCA hookup to controller

- Lighting & DJ lighting setup

- Venue A/C and house high-velocity fans in place and space pre-chilled

- Post event clean-up/mopping fully taken care of, roll-out at end of venue to after party

- Any significant venue damages picture documented, fairly priced, and billed

- Core Security provided by your team (5 person minimum on, can rotate coverage)

       - Security responsible for cleaning up throwup, glass, spills, 

Sound system info below gallery



  • No smoking/vaping/chewing

  • No alcohol

  • No bottles/drinks brought in

  • No impaired intoxication

  • Absolutely no glass what so ever


Cold Drinks Cash only (bring a $5):

  • Waters $1
  • Gatorades $2
  • Red Bull $3
  • No Alcoholic Beverages allowed

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    Sound System Info

    Venue Club Sound System Benefits

    The Venue price does not include the sound system. But for now, I am giving the sound system at no charge. This is a huge benefit considering time and money and challenge acquiring, transporting, lugging in, setting-up, tuning, testing, performance, tearing down, re-lugging out, and transporting back. The sound quality and dispersed volume will not be able to come anywhere close to the system already at the Venue

    Digital Mixer

    • A Midas MR12 digital mixer with legendary pre-amps delivers balanced, equalized limited clean crisp sound. XLR hookups to the DJ controller at the DJ stage.

    Club Sound System

    • 2 JBL 18” SR4718 Subs,

    • 2 JBL MR528S dual 18” Subs

    • 4 JBL SR4726 tops (15” woofers & 1.5” exit tweeters)

    • 2 JBL SR4725 tops  (15” woofers  & 1” exit tweeters)

    • 8 JBL ceiling speakers

    • All driven by their own professional QSC amps

    • An active 1000W JBL EON610 speaker for monitoring.

    House Sound System

    • 4 Mach 15” Subs

    • 8 EV FRI-2082 tops  (dual 8” Woofers & 1” exit tweeter)

    •  All driven by professional QSC amps

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