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BRAND NEW cutting-edge technology Laserblast guns !

We have BRAND NEW cutting-edge technology Laserblast guns and vests! Laserblast "Cyberblast" equipment has combined innovative gaming technology from the military avionic industry with immersive programming for complex strategies in the arena. Scoring is "live" and action is intense. Come on in for an awesome experience and memories of a lifetime. Choose from

  • Classic Game types of Teams, Free-for-all, Duos (with a lone wolf)

  • Zombie Tag,

  • Catch the Rabbit,

  • Hot Potato,

  • Protect the President/VIP (Requires 8 players)

  • Capture the Flag (Requires 8 players)

  • Stealth ( Teams, Free-for-all )

  • Domination,

  • View All Game types

and other customized options.

Even younger kids can enjoy these formats since our individualized gun programs allow for the kids to feel competent. The most sophisticated gamers appreciate the strategizing that enables some fierce team and solo competition.  


Come in and play laser tag today!

Walk ins

Call or text. I can be there within 15 minutes, once reached! 

4 person minimum relaxed during COVID. Calling twice is recommended.

(814) 234-8740

Click here to find out what to wear

1 Hour Outings ($18PP cash/check/vemno/cash App) 9am-3am (late)

Four games in​ an hour, larger groups are on rotation

127 McAllister Alley

State College, PA 16801

2 Hour Outings ($25PP)
(cash/check/vemno/cash App)
9am - 3am (late)

Birthday parties run best in the two-hour time block. There is ample time to play lasertag, open gifts and enjoy a Domino's pizza ( for an additional cost).

(814) 234-8740

Late Night Lasertag (open until 3am daily)

9am - 3am (Late)

Late night lasertag is a great way to wrap up an evening with your friends!


Different Nights

Open Late-night

Hours, 8pm-3am.

weekend blast, great before or after your social plans, schedule your friends, private outing of 6-28 players. Use Your music!!

Brand new vest system.


Text or Call 814-234-8740


Hours, Mon-Wed 6pm-11pm

If you refer a club or org then I'll give you a dollar person.

Example: If you get 10 people to come from "Car Club" and you are the one that let that Car Club know about lasertag, then I'll give you $10!!


Take a Look at Our Gallery


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.

Any Night


Open Late-night

12:00 AM - 3:00AM

127 McAllister Alley

State College, PA 16801


June 9


6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

127 McAllister Alley

State College, PA 16801

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