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Birthday Parties

BRAND NEW Laserblast guns!

2-hour party: 4 games upfront, the party, and then 3 games at the end. (2 extra games than before)

- Ages 5-95

- Domino's 14" Pizzas one topping $15 each including delivery & tip.

- Bring in your cake, cupcakes, or food.

- Bring in your own music, Spotify commercial-free. There is always great music on. 

- All supplies available free (generic). You can bring in themed items or your supplies. 

Additional info to know before you arrive

You can get in 15 min early, 

the party tables will be cleared so you can put things down. I usually get them out for 4 games, take a break for the party at the mid-point, and back out for 2-3 games. 

Players will get free spring water after 2nd game, you can buy extra drinks for $1 or you can bring in drinks. 

You can order pizzas. You can bring in cake/cupcakes/icecream cake. I have all the supplies you might need in generic form, or you can bring in themed things or things from home.

Kids Birthday Party (5-17)


2-hour party

Can control the sound and light

4 Games / Party / 3 Games

Generic supplies available or bring yours

One Free spring water per player. You can bring in extra drinks

Ages 5 - 95, both guys and girls


14" Pizza

For each pizza 

including delivery & tip



  • All guns can be one handed or two handed

  • Durable Rubber Cables

  • Front-Opening Magnetic Latch

  • Shoulder Mounted Speakers

  • Comfortable Rubber Shoulder Pads

  • 1000+Cycle LiFe Battery Packs

  • A Color LCD 

  • Grip Vibrator

  • Rubber Shock Mounted Board

  • See your Ranking and Score on your gun!

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